Gamil Nassar
(guh – meal  nuh – sar)
Gamil Nassar is a multi-disciplinary artist who deals with the psychology and sociology of time and place in a fragmenting analog world displaced by the digital. His former homes in places such as Moscow, Russia, Copenhagen, Denmark, Munich, Germany and multiple trips around the world have informed his creative process and subject matter. He works across a variety of mediums that include fine art, film, music, photography and design.
Born in New York. 
Living and working in New Orleans | Philadelphia.
His work can be found in private and public collections, both domestic and international.
(Former locations: Russia | Denmark | United Kingdom | Germany Saudi Arabia | Canada )
2016 Ocotillo, Tyler Art School, Philadelphia
2015 Aproximadamente 800cm3 DE PLA exhibition, Vitória, Espírito Santo
2015 Square Foot, Projects Gallery, Miami
2015 The Wrong Digital Biennial
2015 Philadelphia 2076, Space 1026, Philadelphia
2015 PoliticoPopUp 2, New Orleans Art Center, New Orleans
2015 New Orleans Playhouse, New Orleans
2015 Auction, Space 1026, Philadelphia